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The latest technology…

Whatever your project entails, you can depend on GLS to provide precise and accurate survey data delivered in a timely manner. The high quality of the finished product we deliver starts with our experience and expertise and is captured utilizing only the highest quality equipment.

Utilizing advanced digital data collectors, total stations and GPS, our crews are able to efficiently gather the most reliable data available. Our field surveyors stay in contact with office support by cellular phone and mobile computers. This capability translates to less expensive project costs and improved cost control for our clients.

Electronic data collected in the field is downloaded for computer mapping and can be delivered straight from the field to our office personnel for quality assurance and control. Conversely, our software can transfer our clients design data directly to our instruments for client feature code use, construction staking and overall design layout.

In addition to having the latest in conventional and GPS measurement equipment, GLS employs only qualified and experienced field personnel to operate that equipment and the office employees to verify the incoming data sets before they ever get to our clients desk.

After the data is captured and initially checked at the field level, Survey Technicians take that data and quality assure it for both consistency and overall positional integrity before it is mapped into a CAD drawing, ESRI Shapefile or BlueSky alignment sheet.

After the Survey Project Manager has verified all necessary information has been collected, quality assured and drafted in CAD the data sets are then passed to the Client or to the Drafting Lead for final incorporation into our clients choice of deliverables; Individual or Master Drawings, Plats, Alignment Sheets, Permits, Site Specifics or Enterprise GIS systems.

The processes for this data design and delivery were developed to be a streamlined process that incorporates over 16 years of evolving best practices and lessons learned to generate the most efficient protocol in the industry.

Our equipment is always the latest developed technology to incorporate the most efficient methods to acquire your data needs with precision and quality assurances all the way through the process.

Data delivery can be uploaded to client selected portals at client determined intervals to ensure consistent data flow throughout your projects.

At the end of the day, Global Land Services delivers what you want, how you want it and when you want it, every time.

Below is an example of how we can quickly deliver our field acquired data sets to our in-house Quality Assurance Teams for inclusion into Master Base files and drawings.

Data Deliverables include but are not limited to:

• AutoCAD Drawings
• ESRI Shapefiles
• Microstation Drawings
• Access Databases
• Alignment Sheets
• Conventional Field Notes
• Georeferenced Pictures of the Project Site
• ASCII Files (Data text file)
• Excel Spreadsheet
• Sealed Plats


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